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Soul Whisperer

Releasing Lost Souls

Written by: ANNETTE RUGOLO | Foreword by: Marie Diamond

This book presents a new perspective into the world of spirits, past lives, and soul retrieval.


Book Reviews

“Soul Whisperer is an incredible book! Annette is a beloved teacher of mine. I’ve always enjoyed hearing about the souls she has helped. She has been such a BIG inspiration in my life. I remember one day, sitting in class and as a group we mentioned that she should write a book. We were ecstatic when she told us a moment later that she was working on Soul Whisperer. Sitting down with this book is like a magical journey back in the classroom with Annette. This book does not disappoint. It’s easy to read and understand, and the breakdown of the work she does and the souls she helps is just simply beautiful. This book shares real life stories of how there really is more to this world than what you see and that there are people like Annette who can help souls complete their mission and go “home.” I have no doubt in my mind that this book will bring peace and joy to your heart.”
Rena Dwelle

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