Have you ever heard the phrase, ‘Everything is Energy?’

Have you considered the idea that your home is energy? And that the energy of your home is either positive or negative? 

Your Homes Brain Waves By Annette Rugolo

When you become aware of the energy of your home, you can begin to understand how the energy of your home is affecting your sleep, your relationships, your ability to focus, your ability to stay energized and even your ability to stay healthy.

The energy or vibration of your home creates what is called the ‘brain wave of the home’.  Because your home covers a larger area than any person inside of the home, it creates a strong field of energy and the brain wave or vibration of the home will affect everyone living in it. 

If the vibration of the home is low, it will keep everyone in the home at a lower vibration.  If the vibration is high, it will lift everyone to that higher vibration.

Have you ever spent time in nature, a cathedral or temple, or a place where you felt absolute lightness and left feeling renewed, refreshed and inspired?  This happens in places that allow a great amount of light into the space and are vibrating at a high level.  Some people call them Delta places.  By spending time in these places, you are uplifted to a higher vibration and you begin to feel different.

Dark, dense places can do the same thing to us and these are usually the places we avoid because the ‘feel creepy’.  These places are not connected to a higher vibration and therefore, not much light comes into these places.  If you did stay there long enough, after a while, you would begin to feel dark and heavy.  Feelings of depression and hopelessness would begin to set in.  These are not the places we ever want to stay in.

Perhaps your home doesn’t have these extreme vibrations within its walls, but different rooms may have different vibrations.  These different vibrations will create different experiences for the people living in the home.

Perhaps you have a room that no one spends time in; or a room that collects clutter.  Each time you go into the room to clean it, you become tired, cranky and frustrated. Would you feel relieved if you knew it was the vibration of the room and not you?

Perhaps you have a room where everyone loves to be?  Or a chair or sofa that everyone fights to sit in?  Would it make sense to you that there is something special about the energy in that space?  

What creates these different spaces and feelings are various types of energy that create either stress or energy that creates lightness.  

Through the technique of dowsing, stress lines can be cured and positive energy can be enhanced, raising the vibrations of your home and creating a home where every room of your home supports you and your family.

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