What is Diamond Dowsing?

Dowsing is an ancient means of discovering the flow of energy in any environment. It is often used to discover sources of water or pockets of minerals and more.

Dowsing professionals detect and neutralize stress energy created by disturbances to the earth’s natural, harmonious energy flow. These disturbances include “electromagnetic fields” created by power lines and electricity as well as “geopathic stress” caused by natural underground water flows, geological fractions, and fault lines.

Traditionally, dowsers have used the technique to locate energies that create illness or emotional and mental disorders for a home’s inhabitants. Once they found energy lines that were negatively affecting someone, they would give “curing advice.” This advice often involved having people move their beds, or move into a different bedroom to avoid the influence of negative stress lines while sleeping.

Diamond Dowsing goes a step beyond this old style of dowsing. After pinpointing the energy disturbances, the Diamond Dowser uses new tools: thin, copper-coated sticks. These are infused with intention to cure the stress along with a specific light frequency to uplift the home’s energy. The thin, 18” sticks are strategically placed to cure the stress lines and increase the energy of the space. 

No need to move furniture, no need to change bedrooms–all of the energy cures are done with a minimum of disruption to the physical environment.

The Diamond Dowsing Method, created by Marie Diamond, was introduced in 2005 and has helped thousands of people around the world live in a home that energetically supports them.

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