What is Diamond Dowsing?

For years dowsers have used this technique to locate energies in a home that create illness or emotional and mental disorders for the inhabitants of the home. Once they found the lines affecting someone, they would have the person move their bed to another area of the room or to a different room entirely.

Diamond Dowsing goes a step beyond this type of dowsing. Along with finding the energy creating the disturbance, it also cures the stress line with a thin, 18’’ copper coated stick. What this means for the home owner is that they do not have to move their beds or change rooms to avoid the stress lines.

In addition to curing the stress line, the dowsing cure is also infused with a light frequency that uplifts the energy of the home and brings in more light and prana into the home.

The Diamond Dowsing Method, created by Marie Diamond, was introduced in 2005 and has helped thousands of people around the world live in a home that energetically supports them.