I have been connecting with 24 Light Frequencies, also known as Quantum Colors, since 2001 to transform my life and have been teaching others how to transform their lives when using these colors in their own life.

Each month throughout 2021, I will be introducing these colors through my blog posts.

This month, I will be sharing information about the Quantum Colors of Peach and Orange. Peach holds the quality of Joy and Orange helps us remember to Celebrate.

The colors of Peach and Orange were two of the colors that really changed my life. When I was introduced to the colors and their qualities, I became very aware of certain qualities I was not seeing in my life.

Having stepped consciously on my spiritual path, I was taking things a bit too seriously and I didn’t allow much time for joy in my life. It was one of the colors that I knew I needed so I started doing the meditation, wearing peach clothing and burning peach candles. I wanted more joy in my life but I didn’t know how to bring it in.

Once I started connecting with the Peach Quantum Color, I sensed a change in myself. I started relaxing and not taking myself and my life so seriously. After a few weeks, it seemed I was attracting more joy filled people in my life and there were occasions that presented themselves that gave me a choice to either keep my nose to the grindstone or take time to enjoy life and the friendship of others.

I believe we all need more joy in our life, especially after the difficult year we have experienced. When we are open to it and consciously bring it into our lives, our spirits are lifted and we begin to attract even more joy into our lives.

One important point I want to make here … there is a difference between fun and joy. Moments of fun can create a feeling of joy but joy is very different than the experience of fun.

Joy exudes from deep within and you can feel joy when sitting alone in nature or reading a book as well as when you’re with other people having a good time. It is not a feeling you can force but something that comes in naturally. Sometimes, we need to give space in our lives for joy to enter.

Here are some ways to determine if you need more Joy and Celebration in your life:

  • Feelings of ongoing sadness or depression
  • Difficulty in enjoying life
  • Self-pity and playing a victim
  • Not receiving enough recognition
  • Inability to show appreciation
  • Difficulty in sharing joy with others
  • Not taking to time to celebrate your achievements

There are several ways to begin bringing these colors into your life:

 Listen to the meditation that helps you connect with and bring the qualities of Joy and Celebration into your heart.Do this meditation once a day for a week and notice the changes in your life. The more you fill your energy field with these powerful light frequencies, the more it will change what and who you attract. https://wwwlight4u.studio/Joy

 Wear more Peach or Orange clothing or jewelry with the intention of connecting with their qualities.

 Sleep on a Peach or Orange pillowcase

 Bring some peach or orange flowers into your home

 Activate your Success direction with these colors. To find your Success direction, download Marie Diamond’s app in your app store and enter your gender and date of birth.For more information on how to activate your Success direction, download this e-book: https://wwwannette.studio/Best-Directions

o Pay attention to your thoughts that keep you stuck in believing that you have no joy in your life or no reason to celebrate.

o Create an affirmation that connects you with your abundance and magnificence. An example would be: ‘I AM filled with Joy.’ Or ‘I AM Celebrating my life always and in all ways.’ Affirmations that begin with the words ‘I AM’ are powerful phrases that change your neuropathways.

For the background information about the Quantum Colors, please read my blog dated January 16, 2021.

For more information about the Quantum Colors and the Inner Diamond program, please visit www.AnnetteRugolo.com