In my last post, I shared how I began transforming my physical health, starting in 1995.  When I look back at my life, it felt like I had been dealing with some sort of physical ailment since I was young.  I experienced childhood asthma, adult asthma and overall physical weakness.  Up until I started focusing consciously on my health, I don’t ever remember a feeling of vibrancy.  

When I did start my journey to heal my physical body, I became a bit obsessed about it.  I read books on food, diet and exercise along with doing lots of cleanses.  It felt like I needed to rid my body of all of the chemicals and toxins I had absorbed through food and medications.

After four years, I was still focusing on my physical health when a conversation with my mother snapped me out of it.  During the conversation, I was sharing with her my excitement about finding a practitioner who could help me improve my health.  Her response to this was ‘how healthy do you want to be, anyway??’  

Her question didn’t sink in at the time but the more I thought about it, I had to find an answer.  The answer that eventually surfaced helped move me forward beyond my physical health.  I understood at some level that I wanted to be emotionally, mentally and spiritually healthy, as well.

Many times, just being aware of something, doors open and opportunities begin presenting themselves. Within the next year, I would find myself part of my first Inner Diamond meditation class that helped me transform my emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of myself.  

The healing of my physical body had reached a level where I now had the time and energy to focus on the transformation I was searching for, but didn’t realize it until my mother asked such a direct question.  

Does this mean the healing of my body was complete?  No.  Various symptoms have shown up over the years for me to deal with but with the tools of transformation I gained through the Inner Diamond program, I am now able to find the solutions needed and move through them with more ease.

I will be sharing the importance of emotional, mental and spiritual healing in the following blogs.