I have been teaching Transformation classes since 2002 and the one thing I always share with anyone taking my classes is that if the tools we are calling ‘Transformation Tools’ are not transforming any aspect of your life, then you cannot call them Transformation Tools.

In this next series of blogs, I will be sharing stories of transformation that have happened in my own life and those I have worked with.

Many who have taken my classes have heard me share about my own journey of transformation.  I let them know that they would not recognize me if they met me in 1995.  At that time, I was dealing with a lot of physical illnesses such as asthma, sinus infections and allergies.  I could not even walk around the block without the use of my inhaler.  

I was physically and emotionally exhausted due to the relationship I was in and getting up every morning doing a job that I did not enjoy and was not fulfilling.  Along with that, my ex-husband and I had taken on the responsibility of four Vietnamese foster children along with my own two daughters.  We were also over-committed at our church, making sure we were doing our share of volunteering.

I was drinking at least 8 cups of coffee each day, my diet was terrible and I was not getting any exercise. There was nothing in my life that showed any indication of me taking care of myself.

I’m not sure what prompted me, but something inside told me I was heading for a long life of suffering if I did not change something.

To begin to transform our lives, sometimes we need to hit bottom.  I felt like I had hit bottom and the only way was up.

One day, someone told me about a great yoga instructor who had just moved to town.  It felt, at the time, like a hand that had reached out to save me from drowning.  I was too tired to do much volunteering at this point so I decided to sign up for a series of six classes.

After the third class, I knew this is what I needed to start my journey back to health.  

After one of the classes, I was sharing about my allergies with one of the other students and she recommended a book entitled ‘Sinus Survival’ by Robert S. Ivker.  I bought the book, devoured it like I was starving and began following his guidelines.  After six weeks, I felt a difference and it was the start of healing my physical body.  It also led me to having the strength to step into my life’s purpose.

There are many ways and many people promoting spiritual growth, meditation, and mindfulness but from my own experience, the journey begins with healing our bodies.  Once our physical bodies are on the path to healing, we can begin focusing more on our spiritual evolution.  We will then have the time, energy and resources to focus on what our soul came in to do.