I have always loved dying Easter eggs.  I especially remember the colors of my childhood, before the new designer colors.  These were the soft, gentle colors of spring … soft blues, yellows, greens along with pink, lilac and aqua.These colors have always reminded me of the tenderness of spring as the world around us comes to life.  They have connected me to the tenderness of the flowers and leaves as we move from winter to spring.  After taking the Inner Diamond class and learning about the different qualities of each color, the colors I loved to dye my Easter eggs as a child had even more meaning to me.

As you begin preparing your Easter baskets, I thought this might be a good time to share what these colors mean, based on the Inner Diamond method.

Blue will activate your Inner Strength and will protect you from negative thoughts and feelings.  It will help you step into your power to step into your soul purpose.

Yellow brings in the frequency of Wisdom that will help you access your inner knowing.

Green will bring in the vibration of healing and will help bring you in alignment with your body, mind and spirit.

Pink is for Tenderness and will help you more easily express unconditional love.  It will also help you soften the hardness of the heart.

Lilac will assist you in releasing anything that is no longer serving you and will help you release old memories and relationships.

Aqua will bring more clarity into your life and allow you to let go of anything in your life that is not supporting you.

Just like the earth reawakening, these colors will reawaken something within you and will create a more fertile ground for you to grow spiritually.

Wishing you a beautiful spring!


For more information about the Inner Diamond and the colors, visit www.AnnetteRugolo.com