Transformation Sessions

Personal | Children | Homes and Environments

Transformation sessions are designed to connect you more fully with your inner light by helping you release certain mental or emotional patterns and karmic experiences that block your natural flow of energy.

A session will also help you to know who you are at the soul level and will provide you with tools to assist in maintaining a stronger connection even after the session is complete.

As soon as you schedule a session, the energy that needs to be seen and cleared begins moving. It is important to pay attention to any strong emotions, thought patterns, insights or dreams, that surface in the days before the session.


What do you transform? Anything you become aware of that is creating disharmony, illness, or limitation in your life. Much of what you experience in your life is the result of patterns that are running inside of you. Continue Reading…


My work with children since 1996 has given me the experience to quickly ascertain a child’s gifts as they show me a great deal about their innate wisdom and abilities. I am also able to see and, most importantly, clear the karma they have brought into this life. With an understanding that we are born into this lifetime under the law of attraction, I help you understand why you and your child have attracted each other. Continue Reading…


Dowsing of a home or office can bring more clarity, inspiration, energy and productivity. Continue Reading…