Marie Diamond

I first met Marie Diamond in 2002 after completing an Inner Diamond Basic weekend, a weekend that would transform my life and begin awakening me to my life’s purpose.  The class so transformed me that it has been my passion to teach this class to others.

Since 2003, I have been certified to teach both the Inner Diamond and Diamond Dowsing classes, becoming one of two people in Marie’s organization to teach all of the advanced levels for both programs.  After working closely with Marie as her Vice President from 2007-2012, I stepped into the role as the North American coordinator for her company after she returned to Europe.



As her business partner, I continue to teach her methods along with overseeing the global distribution of her products as well as the manufacturing of the essences and dowsing products.

So much of my business is based on what I have gained from working with and being mentored by Marie. If you are not already familiar with her and her programs, I invite you to visit her website at  She has created some amazing programs that I know you will enjoy.

About Marie Diamond

Marie Diamond is the creator of three very powerful methods of transformation:  Inner Diamond, Diamond Dowsing and Diamond Feng Shui.  You may know her from the movie, The Secret, where she introduced Feng Shui and the Law of Attraction of the home to a larger audience.

Each of the programs she has created help people with either inner or outer transformation and when combining all three, create even faster transformation for the user.

Marie Diamond has studied the Laws of the Universe since she was 7 years old and has seen that Happiness and Abundance (abundance of health, relationships and success) depends on 3 aspects.

Aspect #1: Your Heavenly Luck

Every human being born on this planet is not only living this one life. You are coming in with a bag of Heavenly Good and/or Bad Luck. These are simply actions, thoughts, and emotions you have created in a past life experience. This creates 1/3 of the Law of Attraction. What you have created in a past life experience will reflect in the life circumstances you were born into.

Aspect #2: Your Human Luck

Every human being has a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual experience and how to use your talents and skills to attract happiness and wealth, is 1/3 of your Law of Attraction.  What you create through living your daily life as a human being will reflect in the life circumstances you are creating. Your attitudes and behaviors will determine what you do with your life.


Aspect #3: Your Earth Luck

Every human being lives in several environments:  your home, your workspace, your community, your country, the earth.  This creates 1/3 of your Law of Attraction.  The positive or negative influence of these environments reflects on your life and work.  (For more information about the 3 Levels of the Law of Attraction, go to my Free Resources page and download my e-book).

Marie has discovered that these 3 kinds of luck are totally interconnected and that the Law of attraction works on these 3 levels. It is called “the Diamond System”.

  • Improve your destiny, and you will attract the fulfilment of your greatest dreams.
  • Improve how you think, feel, and act, and you will improve your destiny.
  • Improve your home, and you will think, feel, and act differently.


Marie Diamond has created 3 unique and powerful systems to help you change your Law of Attraction on both your Heavenly, Human and your Earth Luck.  These systems will help you transform the energy of your home, office and your energy field. 

Inner Diamond (Transforming Your Heavenly and Human Luck)

The Inner Diamond Meditation Program helps you understand the energy laws of the Universe and how to use them to gain clarity, find inner wisdom and align with what your soul is here to do.

Each level of the program will prepare you to be an enlightened leader, help you to become a master of your life and create a positive impact in the world.

Throughout each of the levels of the Inner Diamond program (basic, advanced, mastery and cosmic), you will gain information and tools that will help you release deeply held past life memories and you will open to an expanded connection with the Universe.

Diamond Feng Shui (Transforming your Earth Luck)

The term Feng Shui means wind and water.  Ancient Chinese scholars discovered that wind and water affect our environment and wellbeing.  When we understand how they affect us, we use Feng Shui activations and cures to help us enhance the good and cure the not so good.  It can be compared to aligning ourselves with the flow and having the wind at our back.


Diamond Dowsing (Transforming your Earth Luck)

The Diamond Dowsing program teaches you how to use dowsing rods to find and cure negative vibrations in your environment.  You will also learn what these vibrations or stress lines are, where they originate and more importantly, how to cure them.

The program includes information about the history of dowsing and how it has been used for thousands of years by other cultures.  You will also understand how to detect the brainwaves of your home and how the energy field of your home is affecting you and your family.

Through the technique of dowsing, you will easily be able to change the brainwaves of your home and it will support you and everyone in the home.

Along with the above systems, she has created an amazing amount of information and additional programs to help you transform.

I invite you to visit, sign up for her free Energy Report and explore all there is to offer on her website.

Begin your Enlightened Life Today!