Enlightened Sessions

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Enlightened Sessions are designed to connect you more fully with your inner light, find your soul’s purpose and help you release obstructions to your natural flow of energy. Physical, emotional or mental patterns, as well as karmic experiences, can create blockages which can be removed through Enlightened Sessions. You will find answers and be given tools to maintain a stronger connection with your soul vibration so you can continue to nurture yourself from within.

Karma Clearing

My definition of karma is anything that is creating separation from the Oneness. When we release whatever has created the separation, we can come into greater wholeness within ourselves. During a Karma Clearing Session, the karma is seen and released and the heaviness is replaced with light.


What is Karma?

Many believe it’s like a boomerang. People think of karma as an action (or energy) that is returned to them after they do something similar to someone else in this lifetime or in a past lifetime. While this is partly true, there is so much more to it. Karma is anything that has created separation from others, the universe, and even from parts of ourselves. The karmic vibrations we carry within our energy fields can be like cumbersome baggage, creating a heaviness that keeps us from living the life our soul came here to live.

Each of us came into this lifetime with some karma. After we become aware of it, we soon realize how important it is to release it. As we release more and more of our karma, it becomes possible to move with greater ease through life. It becomes easier and easier to accomplish our soul purpose.

What does Karma look like?

Karmic energy can include emotions such as grief, guilt and anger. This energy can be created in this lifetime or past lifetimes. If you have always felt a certain way in this lifetime, it could indicate that you brought some kind of karmic emotional energy with you. Some examples are: lingering sadness, feeling not good enough, persistent fears of any kind, or not feeling comfortable in your skin. You may also experience difficulties with some karmic relationships. Look for the patterns in your relationships and see what things never get resolved or see how difficult it can be to move beyond the blocks. Karmic relationships can exist in your family (parents, siblings, children, and extended family members). You can also have karmic relationships with romantic partners, friends and co-workers.

How can I release my Karma?

Karma is released by using compassionate practices that involve forgiving yourself and/or another person. Compassion helps us hold the vibration of love, and love powerfully heals us from karma. Releasing karma can be done on your own. However, there are times that you may need an outside source which can be someone who can help you see where the karma originated from and help you release it. Once the karma is released, you feel lighter and can move forward with greater ease.

There is a very simple way to begin releasing karma on your own: Do the “Tubes of Light” Meditation daily. The meditation uses color frequencies to help heal every level of your being. One of the color frequencies used is violet light. It is a powerful vibrational frequency that scrubs through all of your energy levels by releasing your karma.

Here is the link to get started: https://we.tl/t-6zpXIDR1B3

Soul Retrieval

Do you feel that you may have an aspect of your soul trapped in a lifetime of trauma? A Soul Retrieval Session finds that soul piece, releases whatever energy is keeping it stuck and reunites it with your oversoul.



Each time we incarnate, our soul is meant to leave at the time of our death and return to the oversoul, bringing with it either the dharma or karma created in that lifetime. There are times, however, when the soul experiences something that keeps it stuck in that lifetime, preventing it from returning to the oversoul.

The soul, then, is trapped in that life along with the experience that is keeping it stuck, so we may need help retrieving it.

An experience that might keep a soul from leaving at the time of death is a sudden and tragic death that leaves the soul in a state of shock. A soul piece might also need help releasing from a lifetime that ended in suicide or extreme drug or alcohol abuse.

A soul piece can also become attached to a place or a person and doesn’t want to leave. A dream, memory or feeling may trigger the awareness of a soul piece. Additionally, visiting a particular place or moving to a new house may also trigger a physical or emotional reaction that forces us to look for answers. In short, there are as many ways that a soul can be trapped, just as many souls inhabiting this planet.

During a Soul Retrieval Session, I connect with what I call your oversoul and help you retrieve an aspect of your soul that is trapped in an experience of another lifetime.

When a soul piece is retrieved and returned to the oversoul, the healing it brings is beyond measure as the gifts of the soul piece are again available to you in this lifetime and open you to a world or unique possibilities.


Soul Alignment

Our soul holds a multitude of spiritual gifts that we were born with. If you are not in alignment with your soul, it is difficult to access your spiritual gifts and bring them into your life to support you and your soul purpose.  A Soul Alignment Session will open you up to your soul’s inner wisdom, inner sight and inner knowing by releasing anything that has created the disconnect.

Success Activation

Do you need help with your business or feel that success eludes you? During a Success Activation Session, you will help release whatever is blocking you from your success, as well as learn how to activate your success in your home or office.

Relationship Activation

Are challenged by the relationships in your life? In this session, you will help release blockages that keep you from attracting healthy relationships in your life. You will also learn how to activate your home or office to attract the relationships you want.


Does your child or grandchild need some extra support? Or would you like to know who they are at a soul level to better support them? A session for children and grandchildren can be a combination of any of the above sessions or session uniquely designed for you and your child or grandchild.


Our children carry an energetic imprint or vibration that is unique to them. By learning about your child and their unique combination of energy, you can more easily support them. Each session reveals information about your child and will provide you with the tools to support them.

Information you will receive includes:

  • Is your child an Indigo, Dolphin, Crystal or Moon child? Along with the information, you will receive the characteristics each of these types of children exhibit and the best way to support them.
  • The spiritual code of your child. Each soul carries vibrational frequencies that express their soul purpose in this lifetime. Knowing this information will help you help them grow into their soul purpose.

A Soul Session for your child will also:

  • Release energy created in past lives
  • Reveal and release emotional and mental programs inherited or taken on from others
  • Release energy or attachments picked up from others
  • Learn their four best directions based on their birthday and how to activate them in their bedroom

Birthday Activation

Each year on our birthday, we have the opportunity to release anything from the past year that we don’t want to take with us in our next trip around the sun.  It is also an opportunity to celebrate and anchor in all of our achievements.  During a guided meditation, you will open to the celebration that happens on your birthday and receive the gifts that will help you in the coming year.

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