Enlightened Services

Receive support and guidance in clearing your personal energy field or environment with the following enlightened services.


Space Clearing is an important step in creating an uplifting space to live or work. Just like the physical dust that collects on your furniture, there is energetic dust that collects in the atmosphere of your home.  Some people see or feel this energy as dense particles, energetic dust balls or clouds of heavy energy that collect in the corners and hang at the ceiling level. Space Clearing also includes the release of trapped or wandering spirits that may be inhabiting the space.

To learn more about the energy that is transformed and released during a space clearing session, Click Here.


Spirit Release

Many people, especially young children, are becoming aware of the presence of spirits in their space.  These spirits did not leave this dimension after leaving their body and need our help to move on.  A Spirit Release session will help them release energy keeping them here and open up a portal so they can leave.


Home, Office and Land

Using the technique of dowsing, I will identify any stress lines and negative vortexes that is creating disharmony in your home or office.  An Environmental Healing consultation includes finding and curing Geopathic Stress, Interference Lines from EMF’s, Negative Hartmann and Curry lines and more. An Environmental Healing Consultation also includes the space clearing of your space.

To learn more about what I dowse for and the effects these energies have on you and your family, Click Here.

Energy Clearing

Childhood Home

During this session, you will have the opportunity to release energy absorbed from your childhood home.  As children, we absorb this energy and continue to carry it into adulthood.

For instance, if you slept in geopathic stress or a negative vortex, you absorbed some of this energy. These energetic vibrations continue to impact your Law of Attraction as you continue to attract homes with these same energies.

Clearing the energy of your childhood home also helps you understand how the energy of your home impacted both you and other family members.

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