Walking with Merlin: Discovering the Magic of England

Stonehenge, Avebury and Glastonbury, England

June 17 – June 26, 2020

England is a magical place for those who wish to see. It is a place rich in history and alive with mystery.

During your time in England, you will have the opportunity to connect with and explore sacred sites that will open you to the mysteries of this land. Each site we visit will awaken your inner sight and wisdom.

You will have the opportunity to deepen and expand who you are on a soul level as you remember your connection to Mother Earth and the Universe.

Listening to the messages of the stones of Avebury and Stonehenge, the water at the Chalice Well and the whispers at the Cave of Merlin, you will walk the pilgrim’s path and be awakened to your soul’s purpose.

Before you arrive, and each day during the tour, we will ‘tune into’ to the group’s energy to provide guidance on what is best to bring about the highest intentions and transformations for the group.

We will help you connect consciously with your own guides and spiritual teachers and you will receive individual guidance, as well.

Mount Shasta

Mount Shasta Retreat

Mt. Shasta, California

August 12-15, 2020

Mt. Shasta is one of the sacred mountains on the planet and is visited by thousands of people each year.  The energy that is held by Mt. Shasta is felt for a thousand- mile radius.

Your retreat on Mt. Shasta includes meditating on the three levels of the mountain, a visit to Panther Meadows and McCloud Falls. Each location offers something exceptional and will help you connect with the fifth dimensional energy and beings that are unique to Mt. Shasta.

All areas are within a 30-minute drive from the city of Mt. Shasta and are easily accessible for any age or agility. 

Many who have visited Mt. Shasta have felt lasting transformations from their time on the mountain.

Mt. Shasta Testimonials


I have attended retreats in both Sedona and Mt. Shasta with Annette and they have been truly life-changing. I feel my soul has expanded and connected with the light of Universe in ways that I never thought possible 3 years ago.

I am eternally grateful for Annette and for the mountain top experiences, both externally and internally, that she has led me to.

I highly recommend any of Annette’s retreats. You will never be the same afterwards and your soul will thank you.

Lisa F.

Going to Mt. Shasta was such a treat!


Mt. Shasta was full of growing friendships, exploring and healing dark corners of the soul, lots of releasing, and going to the top of Mt. Shasta and feeling the Spirit of the Universe. We helped each other see what we couldn’t see for ourselves and heal. It was so much fun!!! I am so glad I went! It was an amazing experience!

K. Hoffman


Sedona Retreat – Coming Spring 2021

Sedona, Arizona


Sedona is known as one of the most powerful spiritual sites in the United States.  The beauty of the red rocks combined with the high energy of the many vortexes located in the area, provide a wonderful opportunity to experience an expanded connection with the Universe, both within and around you.

Sedona is also a place to honor and connect with the Native Spirits of the land.  It is a sacred place that, when entered with reverence, reveals its deep wisdom to all who visit.

During your visit to the vortexes, you will receive messages, insights, clarification as you gain access to your inner wisdom and the wisdom of the Universe. To gain the most benefit of your experience in Sedona, it is helpful to have a guide that prepares you for your visit to the vortexes.

As your guide, you will learn how to consciously connect and align with your own Inner Wisdom, Inner Sight and Inner Knowing so that you can more fully receive the messages and support from the Universe. 

Join me for a sacred journey to Sedona!

Sedona Testimonials


I had the pleasure of attending an incredible and transformative Spiritual Alchemy retreat in Sedona with Annette.  The education, meditations, insight, transformation, sharing and bonding within the group was beyond any expectation that I had.  Annette’s knowledge, inspiration and facilitation skills led us to many magical experiences.  I am still processing many of them.

I highly recommend attending any retreat that Annette leads! She is amazing and you don’t want to miss such a wonderful experience with her.

Marianne Kaplan


Divine Inspiration and Intuition


The Spiritual Alchemy Retreat in Sedona, led by Annette, brought more peace, love and joy to my life.  We learned unique ways to connect quickly with our Divine inspiration and intuition and ways to record the downloads we received.  We also experienced and practiced methods for helping the environment to cleanse and heal.  I’m so grateful I chose to attend the event that was more like a relaxing retreat to refresh, rejuvenate and move forward with confidence on my life path.

Annette’s loving spirit-led style of teaching made it fun and easy to learn with her and I highly recommended it!


Tami Roberts


Best Spiritual Retreats!


It is Monday after my Spiritual Alchemy Class with Annette Rugolo in Sedona and the downloads and shifts continue to make appearances in my awareness. The information Annette has access to is amazing and the meditations always take me deep into realms that I have never been to before. I have attended other classes with Annette, so when I found out she was doing a class in Sedona, AZ (near my house) I booked the class immediately; working with Annette has peeled back so many layers and my growth has been exponential.

So on the first day of class, on the first module, Annette lays out our first lesson and I am trying to decide how to articulate my thoughts when I realize all of the issues for this lesson came to me the night before and my hand is racing across the page trying to keep up with my downloading information. I find it amazing how easily her guides are able to get me the information I need in order to shift and transform!

It is always a treat to be in Annette’s presence; her energy and vibrational frequency always takes me to a very calm place that facilitates my best learning! Thank you, Annette, for putting on the best spiritual retreats! They are always so organized, full of new information, and I always meet new wonderful people and have so much fun just being human!

Michael B. Allison

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