What is Practical Spirituality and what does it look like?  

Practical Spirituality means bringing awareness and consciousness into everything you do.  It is understanding that spirituality isn’t confined to when you meditate, practice yoga, attending a church service or whatever practice you consider to be spiritual.

Practical Spirituality means that we align with our spirit to the point that we are able to bring our spirit into every aspect of our lives.  The more connected and aligned with our spirit, the more easily we are able to do this.  

I have to confess, this has not always been the case for me.  I used to be very ungrounded and those who knew me during this time of my life, later told me that I was out of my body more than I was in it.  Many would describe me as having ‘my head in the clouds’.

You may have experienced this with others as it is pretty common among energy workers and spiritual seekers.

So what changed in my life?

When I came to understand that ‘Everything is Energy’ means that everything contains the energy, vibration, light and spirit of the Universe, it helped me be more present to everything around me.  I realized that everything I do is spiritual or filled with spirit.  I just needed to be present and stay awake to the movement of spirit in my life.  I began to understand that being in nature, playing with my grandchildren, spending time with friends and loved ones, teaching classes, and yes, washing the dishes were all on the same level of spirituality when I was able to stay totally present in the moment.

I also found the Inner Diamond Method that helped me align with my spiritual self and integrate my light and life purpose into my life.  This method also helped me understand that I was an empath that took on other people’s energy and I needed some tools to prevent this from happening.  It helped me feel safe in my body and my surroundings so that my spiritual self and human self could work together to bring forward my soul purpose.  

When I learned how to work in collaboration with my spiritual self and trust that it knows what is best for me and my life, I began to welcome the light of my soul into every part of my day and into everything I did.  

I learned how to know what was my energy and what was not my energy and I began staying awake to the movement of energy in and around me.  

This did take practice because it was a new way of being in the world for me.   I needed to stay disciplined in my efforts if I wanted to create new patterns and habits that would last a lifetime.

What I came to understand is what the phrase ‘We are Spiritual Beings Having a Human Experience’ meant for me.  I came to understand that my purpose for incarnating in a human body was to bring my essence into my human experience and express it into my life.  My body is a container that is capable of holding my essence and when that happens, it changes the way I think, feel and act.  

Aligning with my essence and soul purpose helps me navigate through the day to day, week to week and year to year of my life.  I can discern if what I’m doing and what I want to do is in alignment with what I came here to do.  

There was a time in my life where I didn’t feel a lot of ease or joy.  The more I let go of what I ‘think’ I should be doing, or even more importantly what I thought others expected me to be doing, and allowed myself to be guided by my inner guidance system, more ease and joy I felt in my life.