Soul Sessions for Adults

What will a Soul Session do for you?


  • Raises your vibration
  • Releases karmic patterns carried from past lives
  • Helps you understand your soul connection with people around you
  • Helps identify and clear emotional and mental patterns and blocks
  • Removes attachments
  • Helps you connect with your inner light
  • Assists in connecting you with your soul purpose
  • Releases density
  • Receive tools and insights to help you become empowered
  • Helps you expand and connect with higher states of being
  • Gives you an understanding of what is happening in your life
  • Helps you understand your Law of Attraction on the Soul and Environmental Levels
  • Helps you move forward on your spiritual path with great ease

Soul sessions are designed to connect you more fully with your inner light by helping you release certain mental or emotional patterns and karmic experiences that block your natural flow of energy.

A session will also help you know who you are at the soul level and will provide you with tools to assist in maintaining a stronger connection with your soul vibration long after the session is complete.

What Does a Soul Session Look Like?


The session begins with a phone call as we set the focus and the desired outcome for the session. Once the focus for the session is discussed, you will be asked to lie down as I connect with your energy field. We will be off the phone during this portion of the session.

As I help you clear and release old patterns, programs and karmic energy from your energy field, it creates space for your light and then I help you integrate the new energy. Throughout the session, your soul gives me impressions, images and messages to share with you and you will receive soul guidance for your next steps.

During the session you may see colors, feel energy moving through your body or see images as I work.  Most people get very relaxed and it is not unusual to fall asleep during a session.  This is actually very good as you are integrating the session as it is happening.

This part of the session generally takes approximately 45 minutes.

Once the energy work is complete, I will call you to discuss everything that came up during the session.  Please be prepared to take notes at this point.  We can also record the information, if you like.

You will continue to integrate the session over the next few days since more integration happens during sleep.


How Do I Schedule My Soul Session?


To schedule your session, contact me by email at, or you can call me at 612-394-3736.

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