Parenting Your Conscious Child . . .

Who is your child at their soul level? What is their purpose for being here?

Begins Monday, November 6th.

During this 4 week webinar, you will learn: 

  • How to recognize Indigo, Dolphin, Crystal and Moon children  
  • How to connect and communicate with your child's soul  
  • The importance of energetically protecting your child  
  • How to recognize your child's karma and how to clear it  
  • How your child acts as a mirror for you  
  • Your child's best directions and how to activate their bedrooms to support their success, relationships and health

Everyone registered for the webinar will also learn about their child’s soul vibration. 

Your child has incarnated with one of seven soul vibrations. During the webinar, you will learn the color and vibration of your child’s soul, what it means and how to help your child stay aligned with it.  

The webinar meets each Monday in November: November 6, 13, 20, 27 8-9 pm Central time 

Begins Monday, November 6th


All webinars are being are recorded and will be sent within 24 hours after the call.

A Facebook group will be set up for those registered to continue the conversation with other parents.

Registration: $68

Our children have energy fields that can be felt or seen. The picture below was taken when my granddaughter was 9 months old and demonstrates the energy field many children have around them.  


Annette has written blogs regarding her experiences with children. Check them out at:

Soul Sessions

During the 4 weeks of the webinar, you can also schedule a 30 or 60 minute private sessions for your child at a reduced rate.  

A Soul Session for your child will help clear past life energy your child has incarnated with. It will also help you understand the patterns created in past lives, more information about who they are at a soul level and what they need from you to support them. 

30 minute session: $90 (reg. price: $125) 60 minute session: $150 (reg. price: $200)

To schedule an appointment, call Annette at 612-605-8608

"Annette is a wonderful teacher. She is authentic and humble and teaches with a soft calmness that is powerful and sincere. She helps to illuminate the tools within you as she guides you and empowers you to connect to your soul and the Universe to access powerful healing abilities. You will take these amazing tools with you and through the group, your experience will be magnified and you will truly experience genuine transformation." ~ Mona R., Minneapolis, MN

"After Annette did a session for my son, Mike, I called Annette to share with her the changes we had seen in Mike. His behavior at school was a total turn around! Mike’s teacher and classmates couldn’t have liked him more. He was continually telling me and his babysitter how much he loves us, with a hug and kiss every time! Another development also began to unfold at this same time. He was able to tell me why he was always waking up in the middle of the night to find me. I am on my personal path of enlightenment. I have been on this magnificent journey with the help of Annette and the tools she has available, including dowsing, Tubes of Light Meditations and her website. I know I am becoming a more conscious mom and helping to protect and clear the energy fields for all of my children. I look forward to the next part of our journey with Annette.” ~ Jennifer, Milwaukee, WI

"Thank you so much for this course, your expertise, and awesome teaching style. You are a savvy and wonderful teacher who guides students succinctly and intuitively. I have benefited so much from this course and have gifts and tools to transform myself, others and the world. I truly believe these tools and gifts are very powerful because of the work at the soul level." ~ Kathy C., Minneapolis

Annette Rugolo  

Global Teacher and Speaker, Environmental Healer and Transformational Mentor  

Annette has been empowering others to transform their lives since 1999. She has seen and fully believes that the children being born today are here to help the people around them and the planet become more conscious.  

 They are souls who need us to see who they are and what they are here to do. We need to learn how to listen to them so we can support them and help them continue in their soul’s purpose.  

Her classes offer simple yet powerful techniques designed to empower both parents and children.

Annette Rugolo