Mount Shasta

Doorway to Frequencies of Love and Ascension with Saint Germain


Mt. Shasta is one of the sacred mountains on the planet and is visited by thousands of people each year.  The energy that is held by Mt. Shasta is felt for a thousand- mile radius.

Your retreat on Mt. Shasta includes meditating on the three levels of the mountain, a visit to Panther Meadows and McCloud Falls. Each location offers something exceptional and will help you connect with the fifth dimensional energy and beings that are unique to Mt. Shasta.

All areas are within a 30-minute drive from the city of Mt. Shasta and are easily accessible for any age or agility. 

Many who have visited Mt. Shasta have felt lasting transformations from their time on the mountain.

Mt. Shasta Testimonials


I have attended retreats in both Sedona and Mt. Shasta with Annette and they have been truly life-changing. I feel my soul has expanded and connected with the light of Universe in ways that I never thought possible 3 years ago.

I am eternally grateful for Annette and for the mountain top experiences, both externally and internally, that she has led me to.

I highly recommend any of Annette’s retreats. You will never be the same afterwards and your soul will thank you.

Lisa F.

Going to Mt. Shasta was such a treat!


Mt. Shasta was full of growing friendships, exploring and healing dark corners of the soul, lots of releasing, and going to the top of Mt. Shasta and feeling the Spirit of the Universe. We helped each other see what we couldn’t see for ourselves and heal. It was so much fun!!! I am so glad I went! It was an amazing experience!

K. Hoffman

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