Another aspect of your Personality Body that likes to run the show … and your life … is your Lower Mental Body. This aspect of your personality is that part of you that has created a picture of your life that you may have been trying to fit into all of your life.  It might also be a picture of your life that someone else has created for you and it felt like you had no choice but to follow. 

Our minds are very powerful and many times, what your mind has created, your life then becomes.  I know many people (including myself) that found themselves in a life where they thought they would find joy, happiness and fulfillment but instead found it to be devoid and empty.  When you follow the direction of the lower mind, as opposed to your Higher Mind, you tend to limit yourself and it keeps you from seeing what you came here to do.The mind has a tendency to see the world through blinders.  It sees what it wants you to see and if something doesn’t fit into the mental picture of what it has created for you, it will create thoughts of fear, doubt or self-judgment.

The lower mind is also referred to as the ‘concrete’ mind and tends to see things in black and white.  Concrete is not going to allow you to move freely and you can become stuck or limited when looking for solutions and options.Mastering the lower mind is more of a challenge than ever, especially when we are living in the information age.  All of the news and information that we have available tends to keep us in our lower mind, creating fear and judgment of what is happening around the world.  When mastering the mind, the most important part is to determine what are your own thoughts and what are the thoughts of others or those of your society.  

As you do this, you can begin quieting your thoughts and this will allow a connection to your higher self.  At some point, you need to tell your lower mental body that it is not in charge of your life and you will begin accessing insights and inspiration from your higher self.

When I began the process of quieting my mind, I found the Tubes of Light meditation to be very helpful in accomplishing this.