We all have something called a Personality Body.  This Personality Body consists of our physical, etheric, emotional and lower mental bodies.  When living out of these bodies on a consistent basis, it is difficult to create or maintain a connection with your Spiritual Body.  Before you can align with your Spiritual Body, it is important to first bring the emotional and mental bodies into a place of calm, quiet and balance.  It basically is deciding who will be in charge of your life … your emotional body or your spiritual body?

If you are reacting to everything and everyone around you from your emotions, this body becomes dominant over your other bodies.  You will then continue to attract people and situations that will keep you in this pattern. All emotions create an energetic pattern and the more a certain emotion is created, the stronger the pattern becomes.  This can be both positive and negative.  Creating emotions such as love and joy will feel uplifting and you will attract more love and joy into your life. Emotions such as envy, anger, fear or sadness will feel heavy and attract more of those emotions into your life. In other words, the more of something you create, the more you will attract.

The negative cycle of emotions becomes very tiring after a while and at some point, you may be ready to truly master your emotions.  There are several methods created to help clear and calm the emotional body and I have listed a few of them below.  Your life will take on a new, fresh feel and perspective when your emotional body is no longer running your life.  

The simplest way to begin calming and balancing your emotional body is listening to the Tubes of Light visualization every day.  It is a powerful tool that will help you remember what a balanced and calm emotional body feels like. Other methods people have found helpful are Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and the Sedona Method.

Whatever method you find that resonates with you is a good place to begin.