I learned how to dowse in 2005 and have enjoyed using my dowsing skills to transform the energy of my own home, along with the home of my family and clients.

In 2012, my husband and I were making a move from California to Minnesota.  My husband grew up in North Dakota, I grew up in Wisconsin so we were looking for something in between the two states where we both had family.

Minneapolis metro is a large area and we both felt a bit overwhelmed at the thought of trying to find a place to live.  One day, as I was looking at a map of Minneapolis and the surrounding suburbs, I had an idea … why not use my dowsing skills to help us find a place to begin looking.  It had to help narrow things down a bit, right?

I began by finding a large map of Minneapolis and the surrounding area and I placed it on the table in front of me.  I energetically prepared myself, just like I do when I dowse a home, and connected with my higher self and the quantum field.

I had lived 35 years of my life in Milwaukee, Wisconsin before moving to Fargo, North Dakota for the next 20 years before moving to California.  I had definitely visited Minneapolis on many occasions but didn’t really have a sense of the different parts of the city.  This was actually a good thing as I didn’t want any preconceived notions of where we should look to cloud my ability to dowse.

So with the map laid out on the table in front of me, I ‘tuned into’ the energy of the city and asked my dowsing rods where it would be beneficial for us to begin our search for our new home.   I trusted my dowsing rods as they pointed me in the direction of the western suburbs.  

I then let my ‘fingers do the walking’ as I started at the bottom of the map and asked specifically what cities to begin our search.  My dowsing rods responded as my fingers moved over 3 cities.

So now, out of all of the many cities in the greater metropolitan area, I knew our next place to be would be in one of these 3 cities.  My search became fine-tuned as I began setting up appointments.  What had started as an overwhelming experience suddenly became manageable.  This was important because we were traveling from out of town and had just two days to find a place to live. I scheduled appointments in all 3 cities and arrived in Minneapolis confident that we would find our next home very easily.

We started in the first area and looked at two places.  We liked the area but the places were not going to work for us.  We then traveled to the second city on our list and as soon as we walked into the condo, we knew it was going to be our new home.  

When we knew we were going to be moving, my husband and I sat down and listed everything we wanted in our new home.  As we toured the home, we checked off everything we had listed.  It was perfect.Our application was accepted within the hour and we now had the rest of our time in the city to explore and get to know our new home.  

Since my own experience with map dowsing, I have helped many others take the stress off of moving by fine tuning their search for their new home.

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