A large part of Enlightenment and mastery is determining what is your energy and what is someone else’s. This means that some of the programs operating in your life have not been created by you.  You are carrying and responding to emotional patterns and belief systems that have been created by someone else.

I like to use the analogy of a computer.  When you buy a new computer and bring it home, you might think it is a brand new computer and that you will be filling it with all of the programs that you want to have installed. Instead, you find that your new computer has been pre-installed with programs by the company who made the computer. Factory installed programs that include malware, computer games, various apps and more.Just like our computers, we come into this lifetime with pre-installed programs.  Some have been created by you in a past life but others have been created by your family lineage.  You are now inheriting these programs without your conscious awareness.

For instance, you might wonder where your predisposition to arthritis came from.  We inherit energy carried in our DNA that comes pre-installed when we’re born.  If you look at your family tree, you can see who inherited this gene and who did not.  But there is a pattern of arthritis that runs through the family. While some programs are pre-installed, others are installed after we’re born.  You have heard of the studies that describe us as very permeable until the age of 7.  We are born into a world where patterns and programs have already been either inherited or created by the people around us.  As we learn about our new world, we think that these patterns and programs are the way we need to be in this strange new world.

I grew up in a family that went silent after an argument.  People stopped talking to each other instead of trying to resolve a situation.  One of the stories that my mom told me as a grown up, was the time my grandparents fought and then didn’t talk to each other for 3 years.  They lived in the same house but communicated with each other through their children. As children, when we see this kind of response to an argument, we do not have the awareness developed to wonder if this is the best way to deal with friction.  We tend to adopt the pattern from those around us and respond the same way.  Until we don’t. We also inherit our world view from our parents and the society we grow up in.  As children, we tend to take on the beliefs of our parents through their religious beliefs, the schools we attend and different activities in our communities.

At some point, we begin to take a look at all of the programs we have inherited or taken on and we then have the ability to make different choices or delete the programs that are no longer working for us.  One of the questions I constantly asked myself when going through this phase was ‘Who Says?’  Who said I should believe everything I grew up reading about the history of our country?  Who said this is the best way to respond to an argument?  Who said this is the best diet for my body? There is a saying that says ‘Question Everything’.  If you grew up in a home that didn’t allow for that, it might be a challenge to begin, but begin you must.  

Once you know what in your life has been created by you and what has been created by others, you will be on your way to mastering your life.  Bringing in the Violet Light during the Tubes of Light meditation on a daily basis will help you delete the old programs that you have either created or allowed.