Choose Joy 

It has been a year since the pandemic began changing our lives in ways we could not have foreseen. During times like these, I find it fascinating to see how people choose to respond to challenging experiences.


My blogs this month are about joy and it may not feel the best topic to be covering right now with everything happening, but it’s times like this that it is especially important! 

What exactly is joy and how do we find and connect with it when things feel so overwhelming without an end in sight? What does bringing joy into our lives do for us?  

I love reading stories and watching movies where the characters, despite all odds, find a spark of light that keeps them going. The spark of light many of us need right now is joy. 

Joy uplifts the spirit, opens us to possibilities and helps ease the heaviness around us. It helps remind us that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and gives us the courage to keep going.  

Our emotions and energy that we connect with have a color. The color of joy is peach. So even if you have a difficult time finding or experiencing joy in your life right now, you can bring in the color peach into your life by wearing the color peach or burning a peach colored candle. Bring some beautiful peach flowers into your home or purchase a couple of peach items to drink from or eat from.  

When you choose something peach colored with the intention of bringing joy into your life, it’s something called an ‘activation’. You are activating your space with the energy of joy and it begins uplifting you and everyone in your home. 

I have also created a guided visualization to help you connect with the Quantum Frequency of  Joy to uplift you whenever you are in need of some joy in your life.

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