Did you know that only 10% of our illnesses originate from our physical body?  The rest originate from the 90% outside of our physical body, which include the etheric, emotional and mental bodies.

In this series, I will be focusing on the 90% that are responsible for creating most of our illnesses.

In Part One, we begin by focusing on the Etheric Body, also known as our second skin.

People who have the ability to see auras and chakras or have the ability to see energy around people, are seeing etherically.  This etheric body has an important role to play in keeping us healthy.

I have always found it interesting when someone turns 40 years old that the phrase ‘over the hill’ or ‘it’s all downhill from here’ keeps popping up.  One reason for this is that our etheric bodies, if not properly taken care of, begin to work against us instead for us.

The etheric body plays many important roles in keeping us healthy. One function of this body, is that it helps to absorb and filter out energy in our environment that would be harmful to our physical body, such as pollution from our air and water.

It also holds toxins released from the physical body from various toxins in the food and water we consume. It is no wonder that by the time we turn 40 years old, our etheric body is no longer functioning at the level that is optimal for our health.

The etheric body is also where the chakras are located.  The health of the etheric body is directly connected to the health of our chakras and thus the health of our body.

The etheric body can also get damaged. Looking back over your life, think about all of the broken bones, cuts, surgeries or impacts your body has endured. Everything that has happened to your physical body has also happened to your etheric body.

When your etheric body experiences trauma, energy cannot easily move through to feed and energize the chakras and thus the physical body.

Another aspect to consider when healing the etheric body, is the effect that smoking, drugs and alcohol has on this body.  If you have been a smoker at any time in your life or if you have taken either pharmaceutical or recreational drugs, these have all greatly impacted the health of your etheric and, ultimately, your physical health.

There are energies and vibrations available to us that support the healing of our physical bodies.  In order to access these energies, however, it is important that our etheric bodies be cleansed and healed.

Alcohol, for example, creates holes in your etheric body over time and instead of you being able to receive the healing energies of the Universe, your etheric field is leaking the energy that can heal you.

When all of the above is happening to our etheric bodies before the age of 40, no wonder people start getting sick and feel that when turning 40, they are now over the hill. It absolutely doesn’t have to be this way if we learn how to take care of this very important body.

I have created a short e-book that will give you some ways to begin healing your etheric body, thus healing your physical body.  Click on this link to download and begin enjoying greater health!https://wwwannette.studio/Etheric-Body-Healing