In my last blog, I shared information about the Etheric Body and part it plays in keeping us healthy. Today, I would like to share about the role your emotional body plays in the health of your physical body.

Please first imagine your physical body.  Now, bring your awareness four inches outside of your physical body and you will be connecting with your etheric body.  Bring your awareness a foot outside of the etheric body and you will now be connected with your emotional body.

In a balanced state, the emotional body is a foot wide.  However, there are people who live in their emotional body … meaning they respond to everything emotionally … this body can become over extended.

When someone responds to everything from an emotional energy, this can negatively affect the physical body as it creates stress, tension, lack of good sleep and more.  A very important part of emotional healing is to first balance out this body.  One of the best ways I have found to do this is with something called the Tubes of Light meditation that will begin this process.  If you feel your emotional body is in need of balance, I invite you to download the meditation here.

Your emotional body also holds emotional patterns and energies from past experiences that can keep us stuck along with creating illnesses so healing emotional trauma is essential.

There are lots of programs right now that are available to do that. Inner Diamond is one of them but there’s also EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and the Sedona Method. Both are very powerful programs that I know that help heal the emotional body.

To convey how important healing emotional trauma is, I would like to share an experience I had with a client’s husband many years ago that taught me a lot.

My client’s husband had developed lung cancer and she asked me if I would do some energy work for him, and I agreed.

Her husband was in his late 50s and I found out that he was a chiropractor, a vegetarian, exercised religiously, took supplements, and did everything right on the physical level. I remembered wondering how this man, with everything he was doing to stay healthy, could possibly be suffering with lung cancer!

I started working with him and one of the first things I discovered is that there was a mass of dark energy in his emotional body and every time I tried to move it, he would be feel the pain more intensely. I knew very quickly that there was something that he had not resolved and this energy had created his lung cancer.

I shared what I found with both the husband and wife and asked him what had happened in his life. Was there some emotional trauma that hadn’t been resolved?