This series is focusing on the 90% of us that creates illness outside of the physical body and this is Part Three of this series.

To read Part One and Two, which covers the Etheric and Emotional Bodies, please click on this link: Part 1 –, and Part 2 –  Part Three talks about the role our mental bodies play in the healing of the physical body.

To access your mental body, bring your awareness two feet beyond your physical body.  In a balanced state, your mental body is about one foot wide.  However, most people live in their head and the mental body is expanded much more beyond a foot.

My own realization of this came after I started meditating and realized that it took me sometimes 90 minutes to fall asleep at night because my mental body wouldn’t quiet down.

I would think about all of the things that happened that day, my to-do list, and conversations that happened months and even sometimes, years ago.

Our Western civilization tends to live in our heads and, although this can be helpful at times, it can also create stress and tension in our lives and greatly affect our health. It is important to train the mind to think when you need it and be quiet when you don’t.

An analogy I like to use is that of a lawn mower; we need it to work for us when cutting the grass but when we put it back in the garage, we need it to stay shut off.

So how does our overactive mental body create illness?

In order to understand how, we first have to become aware of the self-talk happening in our heads throughout the day.  Have you ever paid attention to what your mind is telling you when you’re not paying attention?

After learning about the power my mental body has on my life and my health, I started paying attention to my thought patterns.  What were these subliminal thoughts saying and how were they affecting me?

What I found out was pretty astonishing.

Some of the things I heard my mind reinforcing for me were thoughts of not being good enough, of ‘why bother because it’s not going to work out anyway’, or ‘who do you think you are?’

These self-defeating thoughts, and others like them, create patterns in both our energy field and our brains that keep us from trying new things, experiencing a joyful life and they eventually begin to affect our health.

One of the best tools I found to quiet my mental body was a meditation called the Tubes of Light.  This meditation kept my mind busy on bringing in light frequencies and it allows the mind naturally to come to a place of quiet. It took me about a monthto really bring it to a place of quiet as my mind was so busy. After about a month, I could actually get to sleep in about 30 minutes as opposed to 90 minutes when I first started.  As I continued to do the meditation, I was ecstatic when I was finally falling asleep after just 5 or 10 minutes.

Along with quieting the mind and releasing thoughts of sabotage, another aspect is understanding the power of the mind to create your reality.

As we grow into adulthood, our mind envisions a life where we see ourselves as happy and content.  And most of the time, we end up creating this life for ourselves. The problem comes in when the life created feels empty and is not the life we had imagined it to be.

This happens when the mental body is disconnected with the soul or the higher self.

What I have just shared in this series are aspects of the personality body.  These include the physical, etheric, emotional and mental bodies that we have lived in all of our lives.

We also have a spiritual body, however, known as the Higher Self or Soul.  When the personality body is disconnected from the higher self, what is created by these bodies does not resonate with who we truly are.  This is when illness, dis-ease, stress, and tension can be experienced.

When we begin to quiet the personality body and especially the mental body, we can then begin accessing information from our higher self.  And what our higher self wants for us is always joy and an expression of our essence … the energy of who we truly are.

So it is important to quiet the chatter of the mental body in order to ‘hear’ the messages from our higher self. The voice of the higher self is not loud and bossy but will continue to send messages until the noise level is diminished enough so the message can get through.

To begin quieting the mind and creating a conscious access to your Higher Self, I invite you to listen to this Tubes of Light meditation once a day.  I encourage you to try it for a week to see what difference it begins making in your life.