Frequenly Asked Questions

  1. Why are there small brass sleeves on the rings? Are these necessary?

The small brass sleeves are there to help stabilize the energy of the ring.

  1. What is the difference in the sizes?

All of the energy rings produce a quantum field of light.  The only difference is the amount of area each ring will affect.  Along with the light produced by the ring itself, each ring also creates an aura field around it.  If you place a large ring under your chair, for instance, you will feel the energy created by the ring up to 18-24 inches beyond the ring.

Each ring produces its own aura field and the larger the ring, the larger the aura field it creates.

  1. How do I know what size I need?

Think about what you will be using the ring for and decide from the list above which size ring would most suit your needs.  If you are uncertain about the effect an energy ring might have on you, start with a small or medium ring and get used to the energy of that size first before moving onto the large ring.

  1. Can the rings be covered?

Yes, the energy rings can be covered and will still be effective. You can decorate them and hang them on a wall or a door.  You can also cover them with plants, tables or rugs.

  1. Can the Energy Ring be shared?

Yes.  Although each person might have a different response or experience with a ring, the ring simply brings in light no matter who uses it and what it gets used for.

  1. Can we share with people with negative or heavy energies?

Yes, especially with people with negative or heavy energies.  The energy ring will help them but will not pick up any of their energy as the energy ring will help transform anything that is ready to be transformed.

  1. Does the ring ever need to be cleared?

No, as the ring does all of the clearing without picking up any of the negative energy it is clearing.  However, if you feel you would like to clear your ring, you can place it in the sun for a few hours.

  1. How does the Energy Ring work?

In each of Marie Diamond’s systems, she teaches how to connect with the Quantum Point, located an arms-length above the head. At that point, we can create an initial connection with the Quantum Field.

The Inner Diamond program helps people connect more fully with this field and they are activated with the 24 Frequencies of Light which are available to us in the Quantum Field.

Both the size of the ring (based on cubits) and the copper material help hold the activations of the 24 Light Frequencies. Marie and only a few of her more advanced students have the ability to activate the rings with these light frequencies.

As someone uses the ring, they are surrounded by the 24 Light Frequencies and are easily able to connect with the Quantum Field of light.

To access the Quantum Field, you can also listen to this guided meditation by Annette:

  1. Will the Energy Ring tarnish?

The Energy Rings have been treated with a protective coating that does slow down the process but over time, the copper will oxidize simply because it is 100% copper and copper does oxidize.  It does not, however, lose its effectiveness.

  1. When we use the Energy Ring for ‘sweeping’ the energy from corners, do we need to sweep rooms like bathrooms, kitchens, laundry and garage?  In Feng Shui we don’t activate/cure those areas.

When we clear the energy of a home, it works on a different level than curing or activating a space.  The energy can and will collect anywhere in the home so it is important to include these rooms when ‘sweeping’ any density that has built up in the home.

  1. When we place food and supplements inside the ring, can we place oils like cod liver oil, olive oil and raw nuts. Can these oils spoil from being inside of the ring?

Nothing can spoil from being inside of the ring. The ring raises the vibration of everything placed inside of it and will actually transform any dense energy attached to it.

We suggest muscle testing whatever you place inside before you place it in the ring and then again afterwards.  I think you will find the energy is more positive each time.

If something needs to remain refrigerated while it’s being energized, place the food in the refrigerator during this process.

  1. My son sleeps with us in our king size bed. Does that mean I need to place three large rings under or behind the bed?

Because each energy ring creates an aura field around it, you will only need or two energy rings, depending on the size of the bed.

  1. My wife is pregnant. Are the energy rings safe for her?

Yes, the energy rings are very safe and very beneficial for both her and the baby.  The baby will already be connecting with a high vibrational field while he/she is growing.

  1. Do the energy rings open so I can place it around an object if it is not possible to just place it on it? (i.e. water pipe, large plant, etc.)

No, the rings cannot be opened.  The twisting of the wire and the circumference of each ring is what creates the positive energy field and holds the activations.

  1. Will the positive energy produced by the energy rings decrease over time?

The positive energy never decreases but anyone using the rings on a regular basis may begin to feel like it’s decreasing.  This is because the user’s vibration will begin to match the vibration of the ring and it will not feel the same as it did in the beginning.  We have created the Ascension Ring and Cosmic Ring to help people continue to elevate their vibration to higher and higher levels.

  1. Is it okay if the energy rings get bent or out of shape?

Yes, it is ok if the rings become misshapen.  It does not change the impact of the ring.  They are very easy to reshape, however.