When I started the Inner Diamond program in 2001, I had no idea what kind of transformation it would offer me.  I just knew I needed help in releasing some really, old stuck patterns in my life. One of the patterns I became aware of once I started my daily meditation was what I call the ‘chameleon pattern’.   I realized that I had developed a pattern somewhere in my lifetime of becoming whoever others wanted me to be instead of living and expressing from my authentic self. This thought popped into my head one day: ‘If I brought everyone I know in the same room, who would I be?’ It became glaringly clear that I had some work to do to become my authentic self!

An aspect of enlightenment is removing the masks we have been hiding behind, releasing the fear, judgment and doubt about who we are and what we have come here to do.  This is no easy task, but it is worth every ounce of effort we put into it. What I love about the Inner Diamond program, is that it doesn’t take as much effort, just our willingness to keep moving forward and to continue doing the Tubes of Light meditation. During the Tubes of Light meditation, you will be bringing light into your physical, etheric, emotional and mental bodies.  As you do, the light does so much of the work for you as it begins to reveal aspects of yourself that have been cloaked or hidden for an entire lifetime and even more.  Your part is then to allow the light to reveal that which has been hidden, release it and step forward into your new reality.

Sometimes we become attached to these patterns.  They have become part of who we are and we cannot imagine what it would be like living without them.  We created them because they served a purpose at the time they were created.  They have served us well but in order to grow and transform, it is important to let them go.  

At another time during my early transformation process, I became very aware of a wall of energy around my heart.  I sat with this wall during my meditations and realized that I was able to sit and view this wall from an observer point of view.  And almost from a journalist’s perspective, I started asking questions about it: ‘How long has this wall been there?’ ‘Why do you suppose it was built” ‘Was it keeping someone out or keeping my heart energy in?’  ‘How do I take it down?”  ‘Will I be safe?’ When I started asking the questions, the answers were slowly and gently revealed to me in my meditation, my dreams and simply through moments of awareness throughout my day. I worked with the light frequencies …. Rose and Pink were my two favorites … to create a safe space for my heart energy that didn’t need a wall.  

When you have the willingness to become aware of the energetic patterns that you have created that are keeping you from living and expressing your authentic self, you will be set free to live the life you are meant to live.