January 28, 2023 all-day


Date: January 28, 2023 (Saturday)

Time: 9:30am – 4:30pm CST

(7:30am Pacific, 8:30am Mountain, 10:30 Eastern)

Registration: $128

Early Registration thru January 25: $68


What exists on the other side of the fish tank? 

Over the years, I have witnessed fear, distrust and denial from people who don’t believe there is anything in this world besides what they can experience with their five physical senses. What I have found is that so much is determined by the environment we live in.

Many of us may have memories of seeing color, having imaginary friends and perhaps seeing different forms of energy as a child.  If we shared these experiences with our parents or an adult and were not believed or were criticized for seeing or feeling something that they thought wasn’t there, it wouldn’t take long for us to shut down. 

During this one day class, we will explore what we cannot see, hear, feel, smell or taste with our physical senses.  We will explore the non-physical world that exists around us and you will have the opportunity to reawaken your spiritual senses.

Join me in this one day class as we will explore the other side of the fish tank!