Energy Rings

Energy Rings help to create more energy for you, your family and your home. Each ring is individually handcrafted and activated to create a connection to the quantum field wherever they are placed. The energy field they create helps raise the vibration of an area or room. Use it to create uplifting energy wherever you need it. Each ring creates an aura field that extends beyond the physical ring. The larger the ring, the larger the aura field will be.

The various energy rings offered on this page hold a specific vibration that will connect you with higher vibrations or aspects of the quantum field. Each type of energy ring is activated with specific frequencies of light that create its own unique connection and alignment with universal energies. The strength of the various types of rings can be determined by measuring the energy level of each type of ring.

Each ring is individually handcrafted and activated with light frequencies.

Visit the different pages to learn more about the rings, the energy level they hold and a list of ways to use them for yourself and in your home or office.