Conscious Parenting

In this Parenting Your Conscious Child video program, you will learn:


  • How to recognize Indigo, Dolphin, Crystal and Moon children
  • How to connect and communicate with your child’s soul
  • The importance of energetically protecting your child
  • How to recognize your child’s karma and how to clear it
  • How your child acts as a mirror for you
  • Your child’s best directions and how to activate their bedrooms to support their success, relationships and health

The program includes:

Four 60-minute videos

Four Guided Meditations

Four E-books

Price: $48

Soul Session for Children:

Our children carry an energetic imprint or vibration that is unique to them. Learning about your child and their unique combination of energy, you can more easily support them.

Each session reveals information about your child and will provide you with the tools to support them.

Information you will receive includes:

  • If your child is an Indigo, Dolphin, Crystal or Moon child. Along with the information, you will receive the characteristics each of these types of children exhibit and the best way to support them.
  • The spiritual code of your child. Each soul carries vibrational frequencies that express their soul purpose in this lifetime. Knowing this information will help you help them align with their soul purpose.

A Soul Session for your child will also:

  • Release energy created in past lives
  • Reveal and release emotional and mental programs inherited or taken on from others
  • Release energy or attachments picked up from others
  • Learn their four best directions based on their birthday and how to activate them in their bedroom


To purchase a 60 -minute session – $200

To purchase a 30- minute session – $125

Once you complete the purchase, I will contact you to schedule the session.

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