I have been connecting with 24 Light Frequencies, also known as Quantum Colors since 2001 to transform my life and have been teaching others how to transform their lives when using these colors in their own life.  

Each month throughout 2021, I will be introducing these colors through my blog posts. 

This month’s Quantum Colors that we will be focusing on are the colors of Gold and Silver.  Gold holds the quality of Abundance and Perfection and Silver brings in the quality of Magnificence.

These quantum colors, along with attracting abundance and magnificence into your life, will also help you connect with your inner radiance.  

When we talk about abundance, it’s not confined to physical possessions.  Abundance on the quantum level brings in abundance in all areas of your life including an abundance of health, relationships, wisdom, and more.  

When we feel abundant, it creates an easy sharing of possessions, ideas, and emotions along with letting go of what is no longer needed.  This quantum color opens you to the abundance of the Universe and you begin trusting that you will be provided with what is needed at the time.

Silver, which holds the quality of magnificence will help you remember and connect with your inner magnificence, your radiance.  You may have met someone who is connected with their magnificence.  There is something special that exudes from them that feels effortless and easy.  You may have the sense that who they show to the world is exactly who they are inside.  

Here are some ways to determine if you need more Gold and Silver in your life:

*Difficulty in manifesting abundance or feeling abundant
*Unable to materialize the best results
*Inability to create excellence in one or more aspects of your life
*Difficulty in connecting with abundant people
*Unable to recognize or accept your brilliant talents and gifts

There are several ways to begin bringing these colors into your life:

-Listen to the meditation that helps you connect with and bring the qualities of Abundance and Magnificence into your heart.  Do this meditation once a day for a week and notice the changes in your life.  The more you fill your energy field with these powerful light frequencies, the more it will change what and who you attract.

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-Wear more Gold or Silver clothing or jewelry with the intention of connecting with their qualities.

-Sleep on a Gold or Silver pillowcase

-Activate your Success direction with these colors.  To find your Success direction, download Marie Diamond’s app in your app store and enter your gender and date of birth. 

For more information on how to activate your Success direction, download this e-book:

-Pay attention to your thoughts that keep you stuck in believing you lack abundance or are not a magnificent human being and create an affirmation that connects you with your abundance and magnificence.  An example would be: ‘I AM Abundant in all areas of my life.’  Or ‘I AM Magnificent and I radiate my light to others.’

Affirmations that begin with the words ‘I AM’ are powerful phrases that change your neuropathways.  

For the background information about the Quantum Colors, please read my blog posts dated
February 8, 2021.

For more information about the Quantum Colors and the Inner Diamond program, please visit www.AnnetteRugolo.com