Client Praise

Annette is a brilliant teacher! As a Feng Shui practitioner!

Annette is a brilliant teacher! As a Feng Shui practitioner, the dowsing information has already enhanced my Feng Shui practice 100 fold. Annette shares powerful information at a critical time on our planet. I recommend her dowsing class to anyone on a path of growth and desires to be a positive influence in shifting the…

Hinda A. Minnetonka, MN

I absolutely loved learning Dowsing from Annette.

I absolutely loved learning Dowsing from Annette. She is a wonderful teacher exuding a wealth of information and insight through her wisdom and expansive knowledge of Dowsing. She is full of positive energy, kindness and patience and she is truly passionate about what she is doing to help others in the world.

Jill G. Plymouth, MN

Thank you so much for the Inner Diamond Basic Course

Thank you so much for the Inner Diamond Basic Course, your expertise, and awesome teaching style. You are a savvy and wonderful teacher who guides students succinctly and intuitively. I have benefited so much from this course and have gifts and tools to transform myself, others and the world. I truly believe these tools and…

Kathy C. Minneapolis, MN

I could feel the energy of the property clear and shift.

I have been very aware and connected to various earth energies (elemental, fairies, etc.) for my entire life and was happy to hear that Annette helped to clear this energy as part of her dowsing consultation. When she came to my house and started to clear earth energies that were trapped in this dimension, I…

Brenda W. Minnesota

Truly life changing results!

I had worked with Annette for some mentoring and the dowsing of my house with some truly life changing results so when our 7 year old son started struggling in school, I contacted her for some guidance. We keep the energy ring in his room now near his bed where we do some reading at…

Amber L. Prior Lake, MN

Down-to-earth, compassionate, and talented.

Thanks, again, Annette. Out of all the people I’ve worked with, I have found you to be the most genuine, down-to-earth, compassionate, and talented.

Chad D. New York, NY

The results have been transformational!

My daughter was now 7 years old and had been dealing with her relationship and health issues for 3-1/2 years. The transformation was immediate and some of the changes are continuing to happen. During the personal session, Annette worked with her energetically and my daughter was not even aware of the session happening … The…

K.W. Los Angeles, CA

I noticed feeling lighter at work today and left feeling energized.

I noticed feeling lighter at work today and left feeling energized. That has not happened in many months. For many months I have come home so tired I barely make it through dinner and watch a few hours of TV before I have to go to bed.

Janet S. Minneapolis, MN

Beautiful gifts to enhance your teaching experience!

After Annette dowsed my room, I felt like I was teaching in a whole new environment! I could feel the clunky, heaviness lift as she dowsed and felt my students less distracted. I highly recommend using her and her beautiful gifts to enhance your teaching/learning experience!

Leigah L. St. Paul, MN

The personal session was insight-filled and transformative.

Annette was kind enough to see me for a personal session when things began to stir up,during the Inner Diamond Basic class. The personal session was insight-filled and transformative. I experienced a sense of release, a clearing of my inner and outer space, and a deeper understanding of connections. I am deeply grateful to be…

Renee G. Bismark, ND

I highly recommend that you contact Annette.

My daughter was 3-1/2 when she began having some health issues. I felt it started when some girls in her pre-school started excluding her from their play and bullying her. She was deeply hurt and became emotionally distressed about the situation. In her effort to try to maintain control in a situation where she felt…

Jennifer Milwaukee, WI

I am on my personal path of enlightenment.

Mike is my 4 year old son.  He was always in trouble at school for not sharing, yelling, hitting and pushing. Every night we played the musical bed game.  He would seek me out every night to sleep with him and I would go anywhere I could to sleep without a child.  I was out…

Jennifer Milwaukee, WI

Annette was absolutely AMAZING.

Annette was absolutely AMAZING. Very knowledgeable and she explained everything clearly. She is full of positive energy. Excellent course! Excellent teacher! I would highly recommend any course she offers.

Cheryl F. Williston, ND

It just makes sense!

It just makes sense! It you’re open to energy work or are willing to be open and just need a little help understanding it, this class is what your soul is screaming for.

Kellie H. Williston, ND

THANK YOU! for dowsing my home.

THANK YOU! for dowsing my home. I have been having some marvelous progress! It is like night and day. I just want to thank you for bringing more light into this world. You are doing a terrific service. I have since found my direction and am heading into it full speed.

Cindy K. Montana

My son was finding friendships difficult at school.

All that I am learning is making such a difference to our lives. My son was finding friendships difficult at school. He is 14. We moved his room at Christmas and put his bed in his relationship direction. He slept there for a few nights and then went away on a ski trip. He came…

Lucy North Dakota

I learned completely new techniques for energy work!

During this weekend, I learned completely new techniques for energy work, learned about myself that I was never aware of and connected with myself on a whole new level. I became so much more aware of my surroundings and am grateful for the information and tools I learned

Mary North Dakota

Just want to say thank you for sharing this amazing tool.

Just want to say thank you for sharing this amazing tool. I dowsed one of my yoga students house last week. Her one boy has autism – he had a neg vortex in his closet, geopathic in head area. Long story short – (like I can do that) His teachers have noticed a difference in …


Thanks Annette for teaching me this info!

I wanted to share an experience I just had this week with the space clearing. My husband has a commercial warehouse property that has been sitting vacated for six months that is listed with a realtor. I suggested that I do a space clearing with the Quantum Ring to clear away any blocks and energies…

Kristin W. Philadelphia, PA

Thank You Thank You Thank You!!

Just wanted to let you know what has happened since I attended your seminar in Fargo a few weeks ago. First I usually cannot sleep at all as my hips kill me and I beg my husband to rub them almost every night. They felt good while I was at the seminar and my first…

Amanda T. North Dakota

My bosses have noticed a complete change in me.

First of all … THANK YOU! Even though I don’t understand what or how these things work, I do know that I have felt great since that night I had my session. I am not arguing with myself anymore. My thought process is more clear and my confidence is at the highest it’s ever been.…

S.R. Minneapolis, MN

My life has changed so much for the better!

The work I have done with Annette has changed my life. It’s hard to put into words what she does or how it happens. All I can say is WOW!! My life has changed so much for the better and it just keeps moving forward. I love the fact that she truly cares for her…

C.R. Los Angeles, CA

Thank you, again, for an amazing weekend!

Thank you, again, for an amazing weekend! Not only do I feel energized, but I can feel an immense change in the way I feel about EVERYTHING! It is like I am on one of the mountaintops and can see clearly for the first time. What I can see goes WAY beyond what I was…

DM Minnesota

Thank you so much for teaching!

Thank you so much for teaching the Advanced Inner Diamond Class this past week. When I returned home, my youngest son had a stuffy nose and cough. The next day it seemed worse, so I spent some time applying some of the things I learned from this class to help him. On the right side…

MJ Wisconsin

The Advanced Inner Diamond class was absolutely amazing.

The Advanced Inner Diamond class was absolutely amazing. The information and knowledge I gained is so valuable! I feel so much more centered, balanced and empowered. If you’re looking to explore a deep level of energy work, I highly recommend this class. You won’t regret it!


Can’t wait to see what’s next!

When I registered for the class, I did not know what to expect. I am so looking forward to what is to come. I have been working 3 years for my master to talk to me and did in this class. Can’t wait to see what’s next!


The Inner Diamond was life transforming for me.

The Inner Diamond was life transforming for me.  I now possess the tools to not only transform my life but to also radiate light into the world and the universe to be active piece of the change I wish to see in the world.  I have the deepest gratitude to the amazing teacher and soul.…

Jill H. Williston, ND

This was a life changing class.

This was a life changing class.  It helped me learn about myself and the universe.  I can’t wait to see how the tools we learned will change the world around us and bring everyone a happier and more enlightened life.  It was a phenomenal experience and I hope to learn more!

Max G.

This class was exactly what I needed at exactly the right time.

This class was exactly what I needed at exactly the right time.  I’ve been soul searching the last few months, trying to figure out what I’ve been seeing and how it all connects together.  The Inner Diamond was exactly what I have been seeing and feeling.  When you can literally sit, call in a color…

Rena D.

Annette is a wonderful teacher!

I came to the Inner Diamond workshop looking for peace and a way to protect myself from negative energy.  I also wanted a tool to release my own negative energy in a healthy way.  I left this course and the weekend experience with a clear and peaceful mind. Annette is a wonderful teacher and put…

Jocelyn J. Dickinson, ND

This work is beautiful!

I’ve been working and taking Annette’s classes for a year now.  I used to on 3 different psych meds (for Bipolar, depression and suicide).  I am now on 1 medication and it’s at a lower dosage.  This work is beautiful!

KH Williston, ND

I thoroughly enjoyed and highly recommend Annette!

As someone who is going through an awakening, I found this to be an enlightening workshop. The Inner Diamond is MUCH more than meditations! There was so much knowledge shared from both Annette and the others in attendance. I was able to increase my energy/vibrations, learn new things and expand my knowledge on things I…

Kelli A. Minneapolis, MN

I use the colors and meditations

As a person who picks up and takes on other peoples energy and feelings, this class has given me tools to release what is not mine and ways to stop taking on others energies. It also gives me a way to help others and the world heal and raise their energy. I look forward to…

Kim M. Minneapolis, MN

Annette is a wonderful teacher.

Annette is a wonderful teacher. She is authentic and humble and teaches with a soft calmness that is powerful and sincere. She helps to illuminate the tools within you as she guides you and empowers you to connect to your soul and the Universe to access powerful healing abilities. You will take these amazing tools…

Mona R. Minneapolis, MN

Annette teaches at a pace that keeps things interesting and invigorating.

The Inner Diamond Basic course offers a fun and interactive way of experiencing meditation. The benefits are felt at a very deep level physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Annette teaches at a pace that keeps things interesting and invigorating.

Angela D. Indian Trail, NC

Annette Rugolo is a super seminar leader.

I attended the Inner Diamond Basic Seminar held in Minneapolis at the end of March. It was an extraordinary experience and adventure in higher consciousness I would recommend to anyone. Annette Rugolo is a super seminar leader and you tell this is one of her favorite classes to teach. You will experience an intimate understanding…

Robert C. Minneapolis, MN

Wow, what a weekend!

Wow, what a weekend! I am beyond words with what I have learned about the 24 frequencies, how to work with the colors and frequencies. This is such a powerful force for light in this world and time. If you are ready to grow your inner light by leaps and bounds, you need to take…

Beth K. Plymouth, MN

Thanks again for teaching this to us.

I have been radiating light to my family without telling them.  Today my daughter called me and said that things have been shifting for her. She thought it had something to do with me. This morning when she woke up she saw an eye and a beautiful blue color and rose color.  She also saw…

JS Minneapolis, MN

This class has been an extremely awesome experience.

This class has been an extremely awesome experience. After Annette dowsed the space we were in Thursday night, I felt so wonderful. I suffer from migraines and the lights in the room bothered me and then after she was done, my head felt so much better! This class has opened up my mind to bigger…

Jackie P. Minot, ND

Disconnected feeling gone!

When I dowsed my bedroom the first time, I found 5 geopathic stress lines and 3 of them crossed my bed. I was always tossing and turning while sleeping and would wake up tired and achy. My hips and legs were starting to feel disconnected. When I woke up after curing the 5 stress lines,…

Kim M. Minneapolis, MN

You are wonderful!

I was anxious to take Annette’s class. As a mom to two young boys that have been having some difficulties. I wanted to do anything I could do to support them. This weekend was better than I could have dreamed. Not only do I have the ability to help my family but so many others.…

MJM Minneapolis, MN

I will always cherish.

I am in deep gratitude for the wisdom learned at the Diamond Dowsing Basic class. Annette’s beautiful essence makes attending the course a true blessing that I will always cherish.

Cheryl L. Minneapolis, MN


“I would do it again in a heartbeat! LOVED THIS CLASS!!!”


Profoundly life changing

Annette has an uncanny ability to bring the spirit world to you in a safe, protected, and tangible approach. She provides tools that not only empower you, but also how to help empower the souls walking this Earth to find their way home. Her understanding of our connection to the Universe and the way we…

Jaqueline R.