Frequently Asked Questions

Tubes of Light Meditation

Can I do the Tubes of Light Meditation for my children and grandchildren?

When a child reaches the age of 14, their personality is fully connected to their soul and it becomes necessary to ask the personality for permission before entering their energy field. The Tubes of Light meditation will change their personality and because of this, it is important to ask their permission before doing it for them.

I was doing the Tubes of Light daily for my granddaughter and when she turned 14, I told I had been energetically protecting her and asked her permission to continue. She said yes and I have continued doing the meditation for her daily.

I highly recommend doing the Tubes of Light for your grandchildren, nieces and nephews and all children in your family under the age of 14.

There are other ways you can support your adult children energetically and you can learn about this in the Conscious Guide for Mothers Advanced Audio Program by Annette Rugolo or the Inner Diamond Meditation program by Marie Diamond.

My mind is really active and I can’t seem to quiet my brain while doing the meditation. Will the meditation still work for me?

This is a very common question and one I like to begin answering by letting people know that I had one of the busiest minds on the planet before I started the Tubes of Light Meditation. I would lie in bed at night for hours sometimes trying to quiet my mind enough for me to go to sleep. I understand busy minds! So in short, yes … the meditation works with or without a quiet mind. During the meditation, you will be calling into your energy field quantum frequencies that will protect your energy field, connect you with support and clear limitations. Once you call in these light frequencies around you, they continue to work in your energy field for the next 24 hours.

They will be there simply with your intention and the thought to have them there (thoughts move energy) and it works even if your mind continues to be active. Listening to the audio program helps because your intention to have the meditation work for you begins the moment you decide to listen to the meditation. The more you listen to the meditation, the quieter your mind becomes.

Do I have to do the tubes of light meditation at the same time every day?

Although it is helpful to set a time to do the meditation at the same time every day, it is not necessary for it to work. It is helpful, however, to do the meditation once in a 24 hour time period. The color frequencies that you call into your energy field during the meditation continue to work for 24 hours. After 24 hours, it is necessary to bring them in again for them to continue to do what they are meant to do.

It is also important to do the meditation while sitting up as the spine needs to be straight. You can do the meditation for a second time right before sleep but only if you have already done it while sitting up earlier in the day.

Many people who have trouble falling asleep at night have told us that doing the meditation when going to bed helps them go to sleep faster. In fact, most never finish the meditation.

I am new to all of the ‘energy work’ … where do you suggest I start?

I suggest starting with the Tubes of Light meditation. Sometimes, before we can be open to something new, we need to first open our minds and shift our awareness beyond our current paradigm. The Tubes of Light meditation will help you do that. Whenever I teach, I always start each day with this meditation. It helps people access what we call the ‘higher mind’ as opposed to the ‘lower mind’. When we try to learn new ideas or expand our experience from the lower mind, we become blocked or limited in our thinking. The job of the lower mind is to keep us stuck believing the world operates in a certain way. It fills us with doubts and fears that stop us from exploring the world around us and seeing it in a new way.

When I teach the Tubes of Light meditation, I sometimes use the example of climbing to the top of a hill or tall building and gaining a new perspective. You will actually start ‘seeing’ and responding to things differently. More importantly, you will have raised yourself beyond the fears, doubts and limitations of your lower mind. There is a reason the lower mind is referred to as the ‘concrete’ mind!

I suggest trying it for a week and see how it changes your life. When you are ready for something more I suggest the Inner Diamond Essentials and Basic programs. The Inner Diamond program is a wonderful way to learn about your own energy field and the quantum energies that are available to us in the universe.

Transformation Sessions

I have had a transformational session with you and my child… what’s next?

When I do a session, I connect in with the soul, or higher self, of the person I’m working with. During the session, the higher self gives me information and insights about what is needed to help them continue to transform whatever situation they are working with. It is very important to do what comes through in a session as this information is specific to this child. When the parent follows through with the tools that are given, the transformation happens.

Sometimes, the child may need more than one session and if that is the case, the parent is informed of this at the end of the session.

Another important step to take is doing what is necessary for your own transformation. Most of the children I work with are helping their parents become more conscious. What steps do you need to take to help yourself, your child and your family? When the parents start opening up and learning new tools, the transformation for the child happens even faster.

Do you work with children in person?

I generally do not work with children in person simply because I do not need to. When I work with a child, I connect with them no matter where they live in the world. I connect with them at a soul level, outside of their personalities, which gives me clear information and insights into what they need help with. When I first started doing energy work with children, I did have a physical office space and the sessions were done in person. The children who came in for these sessions taught me a lot which helped me realize just how connected and aware our children are.

In order to expand my reach and connect with more children around the world, I have let go of my physical office space and work 100% in the ethers.

What can I expect after a transformation session?

The changes that can occur after a transformation session are as varied as the people I work with but there is always something that changes for the good. There is usually a greater sense of calmness, perhaps better sleep and a brighter outlook on life. There are times when the personality actually changes to the point that people around see the change more than the person who received the session. One child I worked with was a dolphin child who did not act like a dolphin child. Dolphin children are generally playful and love being in the water. This child was more ornery more than playful and hated the water. Within a few days after the session where she cleared a traumatic lifetime, she started swimming at the local pool and continued swimming every day for the entire summer. Her personality changed and she was more playful and less ornery to the point that everyone noticed.

The change that happens is totally dependent on the energy that clears during a session whether it is a karmic piece that a soul is ready to clear, emotional and mental patterns that are addressed or the release of energy forms from their energy field.

Information from the sessions is shared after each session and tools are given to continue to support the person in their transformation process.


I live outside of the United States. Can you still dowse my home?

Yes. Since learning how to dowse and with Marie Diamond’s tools, I have developed the ability to connect with the energy of homes and properties anywhere in the world. I live in the United States but have dowsed homes and properties in Scotland, England, Hawaii, Canada, France and Australia with great results. Working with a diagram of your home and/or property, I am able to tune into and discern what kinds of energies exist in your home. I also work with people over skype or Phone to help them understand the energy that is occurring in their environment.

I am moving soon, is there anything I should be doing for my current home as well as the home I am moving in to?

Your home has a certain vibration and something in you attracted it. This is what is known as the Environmental Law of Attraction. We tend to continue attracting the same vibrational field as we move to different places unless we do something to change that vibration. One very simple way to change your Environmental Law of Attraction is to have your current home dowsed. Through the process of dowsing, you will raise the vibration in your current home, which means you will be attracted to a higher vibrational home when you move. When you walk into your new home, the energy will match your new vibration and you will feel like you have come home.

Many of my clients, after feeling the difference dowsing made in their first home, will call me to dowse a new home. What I notice is that the 2nd house they move into is always a higher vibration than their first home. Their law of attraction has changed and they are now attracted to places with more light and a clearer energy.

Since moving into our new house, there seems to be a lot of tension in our family and our finances are getting worse. What do you think we should do?

Whenever you move, it is so important to be aware of the changes that happen to your family after you settle in. We tend to blame things on the stress of the move or other factors when in most cases it is the energy of the new home that is affecting the family. The quickest way to find out if the home IS causing the problems is to schedule an energy check-in. During this 15 minute check in, I can quickly ascertain the energy level of your home and see if there are negative vortexes or other energies that are creating your experiences in the home. You will then be given some options of what you can do to transform the situation.

My daughter recently told me that she sees spirits in our house and it freaked me out. Where are they coming from and why is she seeing them when no one else in the family can see them? Can it be her imagination?

Depending on the age of your daughter, I would say it is very unlikely that it is a figment of her imagination. Most children who see spirits are really seeing them. Just as there are people who can see auras and colors around people, there are those who can see spirits. Their spiritual sight is opened and they can see what most people cannot. I call this a gift … although, for some, it might not feel like one.

I have met many people over the years of teaching the dowsing classes that have told me that they used to see spirits as a child but they either became frightened or no one around them believed them so they closed off their ability. These same people are now trying to regain their gift to see.

The first thing to do when your child starts talking about seeing spirits is to let them know that you believe them. This will help them stay connected with their gift.

The second thing to do is to overcome your own fears and engage them in conversation. Questions like … ‘Where did you see the spirit?’ ‘What did the spirit look like?’ ‘Was there more than one?’ Do not go into fear or panic as this will be conveyed to the child. If you cannot engage them without fear, find someone who can.

The next thing to do is find someone who can help release the spirit or spirits from your home or at least help you understand why they are there.

There is a lot of information regarding spirits and many reasons why spirits are around us. My new e-book will be covering this more in-depth. Look for it in the website’s store by October, 2013.


I have heard some people talk about those who are ‘asleep’ and ‘awakened’. What does that mean?

When people refer to people as ‘asleep’, it means they are not yet in connection with the light of their soul or higher self. They are still living in a world totally controlled by their personality and their 5 physical senses. They are moving towards their awakened state but they are not yet awake. A good analogy of someone who is still ‘asleep’ would be of someone living in a very small room and not yet realizing the room is within a mansion. There is a door in this small room that will lead him to other rooms in the mansion but they either are in too much fear to go through the door or they haven’t even noticed it yet.

‘Awakened’ means that a person is connected to the light of their soul or to an awakened state of consciousness. They have transcended something within themselves to reach a level of awareness that helps them see the world around them in a different way. Once a person steps on that path, they move to higher and higher states of awareness and they are guided more by their soul than by their personality or ego. They begin living their life purpose.

The example I use to explain this is the movie ‘Scrooge’. It is a great story that demonstrates someone in the process of waking up. Through the help of some nighttime visitors, Scrooge gains a different perspective of his life and the people around him. He becomes aware of how his actions are affecting him and others and he makes the decision to live life differently. He becomes an ‘awakened’ man.

Most people don’t have that kind of dramatic change but I have witnessed people ‘wake up’ due to an illness, the loss of job or relationship or some kind of trauma in their life. Something happens in their life that pushes them out of their comfort zone and forces them to start asking questions and searching for answers.

Some of the more common questions that come at this point in time are ‘Is there more to life than this?’ , ‘What do I need to see’, and ‘Where do I go from here?’ Something is stirred deep within us as we demand answers for what is happening to us and we open the door that takes us on a journey into the rest of the mansion.


I saw that you promote three of Marie Diamond’s programs … Diamond Feng Shui, Diamond Dowsing and Inner Diamond. Which program should I start with and what’s the difference between each program?

The three programs or methods that Marie Diamond has created are designed to create both inner and outer transformation. The Diamond Feng Shui and the Diamond Dowsing help people transform their environments. Diamond Dowsing uplifts the energy of the home by clearing negative vibrations and Diamond Feng Shui creates a flow of energy within the environment.

The Inner Diamond will help you uplift your own vibration through meditation and the activations of quantum frequencies which help you to transform and create a direct connection with your higher self.

(For more information about each of these programs, please visit the Marie Diamond tab.)

Since all of three of these programs help to transform, which program do you start with?

I personally recommend starting with the Inner Diamond Program as you will create a strong connection with the universe through this program. With a strong connection come a heightened intuition and a greater awareness of your environment.

If you have already done a lot of work in personal growth, self- development and spiritual growth, then I would recommend starting with the dowsing. I have seen many people stuck in their personal and spiritual growth because of their homes. Once their homes are dowsed and negative vibrations cleared, the expansion of awareness can continue to happen.

For those who would like a taste of all 3, I recommend the Inner Diamond, Dowsing and Feng Shui Essentials program. This package will give you some great introductory information and you will be able to decide for yourself which program would be best for you.

I would love to learn more! Do you teach any classes in person?

Yes, I teach both in person seminars and phone teleseminars. For a listing of my in person seminar schedule visit the ‘Events’ box on the home page. If you would be interested in bringing an in person seminar to your city, please contact me at If you live within the United States or Canada, I require 15 or more attendees in the class. If you live outside of the United States, the number of attendees is dependent on where you live.

Do you have any programs that can be taken into the schools to help large groups of children or that the teachers could be using?

The program that I feel would help large groups of children is the dowsing program. There are people taking this technique into their classrooms and schools with great results. A substitute teacher in Colorado dowsed every classroom in which she taught. One year, she was a substitute teacher for 3 months while the regular teacher was out on maternity leave. In the 3 months, the change in the children’s behavior and their grades was so impressive that other teachers and school faculty starting asking what she was doing to create such significant results. When she shared how she dowsed the room, some teachers invited her in to dowse theirs and some couldn’t accept that dowsing could have that kind of impact.

A few people have taken all 3 of the Marie Diamond Methods and have applied them in their classrooms with amazing results.

If you are a teacher, daycare provider or parent who can introduce these methods into schools or daycare centers and need more information on how to do it please contact me. I am passionate about providing healthy environments for our teachers and students!


I have a new baby, what should I be doing to help her energetically?

First of all, make sure she is sleeping in an energetically clear space. Even if you cannot have your entire home dowsed, you can create great energy for your child to sleep in by placing a large Quantum Energy Ring under their crib. You can also decorate it and hang it on the outside of their crib at the head or the feet. Learn the Tubes of Light meditation and do this meditation for yourself and your baby every day. Your child will thrive knowing you are supporting it both on a physical level and a soul level.

As a mom I am so overwhelmed and exhausted most days… what do you suggest I do to have more energy for me and my kids?

Most moms give more than they receive. After months and years of doing this, they are depleted and spent. The first thing that is helpful is to take a look and see where your energy is going. Are you chauffeuring children all night after work? Is it going toward your job? Where are you not setting boundaries for yourself? Who is running your life and why are you letting them?

Start asking the question: ‘What do I need to see about my situation and why have I attracted it?’ When we ask the questions we open up to receiving the answer.

The next step is to find 15 minutes a day and start doing the Tubes of Light meditation. By doing the meditation, you are telling the universe and yourself that taking care of yourself is important … that you are important.

The meditation begins connecting you to a more expansive field of possibilities and solutions for your life and will begin uplifting you out of the pattern of imbalance that has been created.

On a physical level, make sure to drink plenty of purified water throughout the day. I have talked to too many moms who run on caffeine and sugar to get through the exhaustion. This might be a short term fix but it is a long term train wreck. Purified water is more important than we think to keep our engines running smoothly.

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