I grew up with a religion that taught that we had only one life and depending on what we did in that lifetime, we would either go to heaven or hell when we died. That teaching never sat quite right with me but I didn’t have anything at the time to show me anything different until one night in 1991.

I had a long drive ahead of me so I turned on the radio and ended up listening to a couple sharing an experience they had with their 4 -year-old daughter. 

Around the age of 4, their daughter started talking in her sleep and when the parents went into the room to check on her, they discovered she was talking in a foreign language.  The family lived on the east coast of the United States and neither the parents or the child had any exposure to any languages besides English. After listening to their daughter, they determined the language to be French.

As the sleep talking continued, the parents decided to record their daughter’s sleep talking and take it to someone who could translate what she was saying.  Listening to these recordings, the translator starting putting the information together and determined the little girl was talking about a town in France.  When the parents looked up the name of the town, they found that it did, in fact, exist.

With their curiosity piqued, they decided to take a family vacation and visit this town to see how their daughter would react.  

When they arrived, they watched dumbfounded as their daughter became very excited and began leading them to all of the places she knew from her previous lifetime.  She showed them the store, the library, the school, the church and even where she lived.  She knew this town like the back of her hand and it confirmed for them that their daughter was still very connected to her previous lifetime.  

They, too, had not grown up with the belief in past lives but going through this with their daughter gave them a first- hand experience of how we carry life memories into a new lifetime.  Listening to their experience solidified the belief in past lives for me and I finally received the confirmation I had been searching for.

It is possible to understand your child at a soul level; to learn what their purpose is for being here; and to discover how you may be able to clear their past karma.

My four-part video series, Parenting Your Conscious Child takes you step-by-step through the process of connecting with your child or grandchild at a soul level.

You can also use this training to connect to your own inner child/younger self who may have issues, memories or experiences that require healing.

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  • Four sixty-minute videos
  • Four guided meditations
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