Protection Meditation for Children

CLICK HERE to download a guided meditation that will help you create a conscious connection with your child’s soul and protect their energy fields.

Living in Your Mansion

Do you know that you have an energetic mansion available to you? In this mansion are rooms filled with spiritual gifts and abundance and others that need some cleaning up. CLICK HERE to read more.

What is Diamond Dowsing?

For years dowsers have used this technique to locate energies in a home that create illness or emotional and mental disorders for the inhabitants of the home. Once they... read more

Light & Vibration

Our conscious children fall into various categories and each are here to to add a specific vibration to our planet. They can be identified by the light and vibration of their soul. To learn more about each of these souls, CLICK HERE.

The 3 Levels of the Law of Attraction

The 3 levels of the Law of Attraction include the Spiritual, Human, and Environmental levels. When you understand what each of these levels are about and how they affect your Law of ... READ MORE

What is dowsing?

Simply stated, dowsing is a specific technique that is used to find things that cannot be seen with the physical eye. People have used this technique for thousands of years to create... read more

Conscious Parenting eBook

8 Practical Steps to Conscious Parenting E-Book offers some great reminders and new information that will support you as a parent or grandparent. To purchase the E-Book , CLICK HERE.

The Other Side of the Fish Tank

In 1999, when I was trying to understand the concept of consciousness, I learned about an experiment done sometime in the 1970’s by a group of graduate students at Harvard. They were doing ... READ MORE

Space Clearing

Transforming the energy of your home is actually a two-step process. The first step is finding and clearing the stress lines in your home which are affecting you and your family through dowsing as described... read more